Step 4


At this stage, together we have established your goals, assessed your current financial position and decided on a course of action that fits your risk tolerance and investment timeline. The process is then passed over to us to set the portfolio in action.

Our belief is to maintain a portfolio that is built by several important principles.

  • Diversify – Spread your investments among different asset classes, geographic regions and sectors so you can reduce your losses of risky investments.
  • Investing, not speculating – Patience is necessary for your portfolio to grow, therefore base your investment decisions on good research, rather than a hot tip, latest story or intuition.
  • Stay invested – Don’t let a market slump change your long-term investment plan.  Exponential growth in investments requires time, so stick to your plan.
  • Be realistic about your tolerance for risk – If a big drop in investment value is a problem for you, then you should weight your portfolio more heavily in bonds and annuities.
  • Expect volatility and profit from it – Volatility in the markets is difficult to avoid, but understanding it can potentially help protect your portfolio in a down market.

The final step is “Management and review”.

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