Planning & Processes

What do I want out of life?  What are my dreams, aspirations?  The goal of the financial security planning process is to be a road map through life to help you achieve your goals in this constantly changing world.

The advisors at Brown Financial follow a simple, but well-defined five-step process that results in a comprehensive investment strategy.


  • Step 1 is about Getting to know you. What are your goals & objectives? What is your risk tolerance? What is your investment horizon? Learn More
  • Step 2 is about Assessing your current situation. In this step we gather data and exam your cash flow. Learn More
  • Step 3 is about Looking at your options. Learn More
  • Step 4 is about Implementing your customized plan. Learn More
  • Step 5 is the Management & Review of the effectiveness of your customized plan. Learn more

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